Fuel Injection Service in Tucson, AZ

Fuel System Service

Fuel Injection Service in Tucson

Have you noticed a decrease in fuel mileage?

Carbon build up is a normal by product of the fuel that is used every day in your vehicle. The carbon will build up in the combustion chambers in the cylinder heads, the intake runners and will have an effect on the fuel injector spray pattern.

The process for the 3-step fuel system service includes running a cleaner through the fuel rails for the injectors, a cleaner through a vacuum source that goes into the intake runners and combustion chambers and the third cleaner gets added directly to the fuel tank. Our Professional Valvoline Fuel Injection Service will improve your acceleration, smooth your idle and decrease any hesitation you may be experiencing. Dirt and deposits can build up in your fuel system over time causing your vehicle performance to suffer.

This is one service that actually pays you back with improved fuel mileage!


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  1. Larry H. Miller Chrysler Jeep Tucson

    7800 E. 22nd Street
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