Pre-paid Maintenance at Larry H. Miller

Pre-Paid Maintenance Made Easy at Larry H. Miller Chrysler Jeep Tucson

Buying items in bulk is probably not a new concept to you. Smart shoppers know buying in bulk saves money in the long run. That's the logic behind a Total Care Auto Prepaid Maintenance Plan; pay for your necessary maintenance upfront and save money. Potentially thousands over the lifetime of your car. Regularly maintained vehicles are safer, more reliable, and can make the difference between you being the person stranded on the side of the road or the person that stops to help them. When it comes to the maintenance of your vehicle, a dollar of prevention is truly worth a hundred dollars of cure. That's the value of Total Care Auto Prepaid Maintenance.


Particularly essential if you do a lot of driving, regularly-scheduled oil changes can help make sure your engine, lasts longer, gets optimal gas mileage and runs smoothly. A Total Care Auto Prepaid Maintenance package will cover up to six quarts of high quality engine oil with the ability to upgrade to synthetic or blended oils. Regular oil changes keep the internal moving parts of your engine clean and lubricated, allowing for a smoother, quieter ride.


Tire rotations, while very simple to do, are crucial for getting the most out of your tires. With Total Care Auto Prepaid Maintenance, you'll never forget a tire rotation again. Because properly inflated and rotated tires mean more miles per gallon and less wear and tear on other components, we'll make sure all your tires are properly inflated every visit. We'll also check your tires for irregular wear that might indicate a potential mechanical or safety problem.


To make sure you're never stranded on the side of the road with a mechanical breakdown, a certified technician will go over your vehicle with a fine-tooth comb to ensure there aren't any surprises. If they spot anything that needs immediate attention, they will let you know so you can handle it before it becomes a bigger problem and potential safety hazard.

  Car Wash

Your car is one of the largest financial investments you will make. In order to protect the finish and minimize oxidation, which takes a toll on the paint finish, you should keep the exposed areas as clean as possible. Frequent washing is the single best thing you can do to maintain and preserve your cars paint finish. Your car can look like new for years and when it comes time to sell it or return it on lease, you will receive maximum value or minimum penalties because your car has been properly maintained. Plus, it just feels great to drive a nice, clean car!