Larry H. Miller Dealerships - Celebrating Our 40th Anniversary!

April 1st, 2019 marked the 6 year anniversary of Larry H. Miller Dealerships in Tucson! 40 years ago Larry and Gail Miller took a risk and purchased their first dealership. Since then, each and every Larry H. Miller Dealership has embraced the goal of enriching lives and strives to be the Best Place in Town to Work and the Best Place in Town to Do Business. Today, we have grown to an automotive group of over 50 dealership locations and are proud to be a valued part of the communities we serve across the western states.

The Larry H. Miller Dealerships are Driven By You™

Who we are

Our Mission:

To Enrich Lives

We achieve true success when we positively impact our employees
and partners, customers and guests, vendors and suppliers, and the
environments and communities around us. As we prosper in business,
we have an obligation to enrich lives and make the world a better place.

Our Vision:
To Be the Best

To be the best place in town to work and to be the best place in town to do business.

Our company's success is based on personal growth and continuous
improvement. We believe our work should be productive, worthwhile and fun.
If we enjoy what we do, we'll perform better and customers will take notice.

Our Values
Ideals we try to live by and apply each day:Tucson jeep Dealership